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Eating healthy can put pressure on the wallet

Eat healthy or pay a price, right? But the actual cost to make it happen may make it tough.

Sunday - 12/08/2013, 12:47pm EST

Tags: Harvard School of Public Health, Lori Lundin

Why we overeat: It's not genetics, 'we're living in a carnival'

It's a question that impacts our physical health, our mental health and health systems throughout the world: What causes us to overeat?

Wednesday - 11/06/2013, 09:11am EST

Tags: obesity, overeating, health, food, Harvard School of Public Health, Rachel Nania

iPads: A pain in the neck?

With that amazing touchscreen, super-thin profile, and hundreds of thousands of apps, it seems there's nothing the iPad can't do. Too bad there isn't an app for iPain.

Thursday - 01/26/2012, 05:48am EST

Tags: iPad, researchers, posture, Harvard School of Public Health, nathan hager