• New poll examines how families are saving for college

    WASHINGTON — The average cost of in-state tuition plus room and board at a public college is up to $19,548, according to the College Board. A new survey looks at what families are doing to…

  • Study: Infamous freshman 15 may actually be 3

    Recent studies say it\’s a myth that college students gain 15 pounds during their first year away from home.

  • Prepaid cards charge high fees for students

    It\’s back to school time for college students
    chances are, they have already been hit by a few
    credit card offers. But students need to be wary
    of another popular card that comes with heavy
    — prepaid debit cards.

  • Students move in at the University of Maryland (PHOTOS)

    Thousands of incoming freshman are lugging their televisions, computers, clothes, and maybe a book or two, from every corner of the world into their dorm rooms this weekend at the University of Maryland, College Park.