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College & Cook recipe: African vegetable stew

Craving a hearty, healthy stew on a cold winter night? Curling up with a blanket on the couch and warm your insides with this African vegetable stew.

Thursday - 01/31/2013, 08:01am EST

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Recipe: Strawberry doughnut napoleon

Want to impress your dinner guests with an eye-popping dessert? Napoleons are easy to put together and will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Thursday - 01/10/2013, 08:02am EST

Tags: recipes, dessert, College and Cook

Recipe: Pico de gallo

Looking for a way to spice up bland fish tacos? Try homemade pico de gallo for an extra flare.

Thursday - 01/03/2013, 08:06am EST

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College & Cook Recipe: White peach sangria

For a quick and easy New Year's drink, try white peach sangria.

Wednesday - 12/26/2012, 04:03pm EST

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College & Cook Recipe: Nutella cheesecake for one

The hardest thing about making this dessert is the time you have to wait for it to set in the fridge. But patience is a virtue when it comes to cheesecake.

Thursday - 12/20/2012, 07:39am EST

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Recipe: Peppermint dream mug cake

It's midnight. You could really go for something sweet, but you want to sleep in the near future. What do you do? Make a peppermint dream mug cake!

Thursday - 12/13/2012, 07:57am EST

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Recipe: Edamame beet salad

Looking for an easy-to-make salad that tastes and looks great? Try College & Cook's edamame beet salad.

Thursday - 12/06/2012, 08:08am EST

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