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In January, a new push for Maryland gas tax

Next month, Maryland lawmakers will return to Annapolis to begin the 2013 General Assembly. One issue that could come up is transportation funding.

Wednesday - 12/26/2012, 08:11am EST

Tags: Ari Ashe, gas tax, traffic, transportation funding

Prince George's officials hope to unveil school bus cameras

Montgomery and Frederick counties have already unveiled their own cameras designed to catch dangerous drivers illegally passing school buses.

Monday - 12/17/2012, 07:15am EST

Tags: Prince Georges County, school buses, school bus cameras, Ari Ashe

PG police buy back guns with special urgency this weekend

Some area gunowners who exchanged guns for gift cards Saturday in Prince George's County said that the Friday shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., factored in their decision to turn in their guns.

Saturday - 12/15/2012, 07:14pm EST

Tags: guns, crime, Ari Ashe, Sandy Hook

Say cheese: Prince George's Co. to add new red-light cameras (EXCLUSIVE)

After unveiling 72 new speed cameras across Prince George's County in 2012, the police department plans to add dozens of new red light cameras in 2013.

Monday - 12/10/2012, 05:19am EST

Tags: Ari Ashe, red light cameras, speed cameras, traffic cameras, Prince Georges County Police, Robert Liberati

Group gets creative with Redskins-Ravens rivalry (VIDEO)

As the Redskins pick up steam, a group is getting creative ahead of Sunday's game against the Ravens.

Friday - 12/07/2012, 05:30am EST

Tags: Ari Ashe, revolution reels, Ravens, Redskins, rivalry

Exclusive: UMBC student reported dead is alive and well

Confusion and relief is setting in at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Saturday - 11/17/2012, 02:24pm EST

Tags: odessa jones, UMBC, Ari Ashe, lacey mason

NORAD scrambled jets after flight declares emergency

The North American Aerospace Defense Command scrambled fighter jets Thursday night after an unruly passengers on a United Airlines flight from Denver forced the flight crew to declare an emergency.

Friday - 11/09/2012, 07:53am EST

Tags: united airlines, Ari Ashe, fighter jet, NORAD

Police seeking truck involved in Silver Spring hit-and-run

Police in Silver Spring are looking for a car involved in a hit-and-run Wednesday night.

Thursday - 10/18/2012, 05:23am EDT

Tags: Silver Spring, hit and run, Ari Ashe

One year later: Do speed cameras in Prince George's County work?

The debate on speed cameras is going strong in Prince George's County, but 12 months later, Prince George's County Police call the speed cameras a success.

Monday - 09/24/2012, 04:25am EDT

Tags: Ari Ashe, speed cameras, bruce may, robert v. liberati

New cameras to watch cameras that watch you

Police in Prince George's County decided there's been enough vandalism to speed cameras. Now there are cameras to watch the cameras.

Thursday - 09/13/2012, 01:14pm EDT

Tags: speed cameras, traffic, Prince Georges County Police, Robert Liberati, Ari Ashe

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