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Three Va. teens charged for gallon smashing prank (VIDEO)

Three Vienna teens are charged with disorderly conduct and destruction of property after Fairfax County Police say they smashed gallons of milk and juice in several grocery stores.

Friday - 03/29/2013, 02:24pm EDT

Tags: gallon smashing, Vienna, Fairfax County Police

Former NBA great Adrian Dantley works as crossing guard in Montgomery Co. (VIDEO)

Former NBA star and Olympian Adrian Dantley is spending his time off the court, out of the gym and in the middle of the street as a crossing guard for Montgomery County Public Schools.

Tuesday - 03/19/2013, 03:12pm EDT

Tags: Adrian Dantley, Montgomery County Public Schools, Silver Spring, crossing guard

Hotel chains peppering their menus with local ingredients

In an effort to reduce their environmental footprint, reflect the region they serve and support local businesses, a handful of hotel chains are starting to locally source their food.

Monday - 03/18/2013, 11:06am EDT

Tags: Westin, Starwood hotels, Park Hyatt, Kimpton, Blue Duck Tavern, Firefly,

CNN reporter, Gulf Coast native lends support to Japanese tsunami survivors

As residents of Japan remember the nearly 19,000 who died in a massive earthquake and tsunami two years ago, an American journalist who covered the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is sharing her perspective to help those still recovering in Japan.

Wednesday - 03/13/2013, 04:19pm EDT

Tags: Kathleen Koch, CNN, Japanese earthquake, tsunami,


Beaver, alligator, snakehead: Rocklands debuts wild menu

A Rocklands Barbeque promotion called "Grills Gone Wild" is taking customers by surprise. Alongside the pulled pork and rack of ribs, hungry diners can order beaver sausage, alligator stew or snakehead tacos.

Tuesday - 03/05/2013, 06:10am EST

Tags: Rocklands, grills gone wild, beaver, snakehead, alligator, restaurants

Ten cent beers and hitching posts: The history of Hank Dietle's Tavern

The initials of thousands of locals who have enjoyed a late night at Montgomery County's first watering hole are still carved into its wooden booths. While the hitching post no longer stands outside Hank Dietle's Tavern along Rockville Pike, the memories aren't going anywhere.

Friday - 03/01/2013, 01:42pm EST

Tags: Hank Dietle


Cars that watch their drivers: Better safety or too much? (VIDEO)

If the driver is looking away from the road and approaching an accident, the car will make a series of beeping noises and flash bright red lights inside the car.

Wednesday - 02/27/2013, 07:18am EST

Tags: alarm, car alarm, Continental

How to reduce your home's hidden toxins

Toxins can stir up allergies and lower immune response, but many people may not realize the daily dose of toxins they get at home.

Tuesday - 02/26/2013, 12:44pm EST

Tags: toxins, hidden toxins, shower curtain, teflon, Phthalates

'At the end of the day,' the most overused and annoying English phrases

Blame society, media or just the company we keep, but there are plenty of overused phrases in the English language.

Tuesday - 02/12/2013, 12:51pm EST

Tags: Oxford, overused phrases, Encyclopedia Britannica, The Telegraph,

No hands, no legs: Amputee vets heal battle scars with yoga

On a sunny Thursday afternoon, Staff Sgt. James Sides throws a mat on the white tile floor and plops down. He's about 20 minutes late to yoga, but his classmates don't seem to care. To his right, Cpl. Nathan Jakubison reaches his hands toward his left foot, making sure to avoid the metal pins sticking out of his shin. To his left, Sgt. Mike Nicholson, 23, has no legs to stretch over, but rather focuses on extending his spine.

Tuesday - 02/05/2013, 01:14pm EST

Tags: Walter Reed, yoga, Yoga for Vets, wounded warriors

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