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Fairfax Co. selects new superintendent

The Fairfax County School Board has announced its finalist to be the next superintendent of schools.

Wednesday - 04/10/2013, 06:47pm EDT

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Committee: End zero tolerance in Fairfax Co. schools

A special committee recommends significant changes to Fairfax County Public Schools' "zero tolerance" discipline program.

Thursday - 03/21/2013, 04:48am EDT

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Fairfax County searches for next superintendent

The Fairfax County School Board will hold a series of meetings this week in order to obtain the community's input on its search for the next superintendent.

Sunday - 01/13/2013, 08:02am EST

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Debate continues on school start times in Fairfax

It's the third time in the last 15 years the issue has been brought to the table.

Tuesday - 06/12/2012, 05:56am EDT

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Fairfax Co. considers later start time for high schools

The plan is to make all Fairfax County public high schools start classes after 8 a.m. Currently, most start at 7:20 a.m.

Sunday - 04/01/2012, 07:07am EDT

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Area school systems consider online textbooks

The digital revolution in the classroom has come to Fairfax County, the Washington-area's largest school system.

Tuesday - 01/24/2012, 06:32am EST

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Va. Gov. to announce 2012 education plan amid budget cuts

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell will announce Monday a K-12 education plan for 2012, amidst concerns of massive budget cuts.

Sunday - 01/08/2012, 12:32pm EST

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