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Permits This Week

By Aaron Kraut

Thursday - 10/31/2013, 11:50am  ET

Building maintenance in downtown Bethesda Mohican Swimming Pool, via Mohican Pool Riviera Condos, via MRIS

Check out Bethesda and Chevy Chase commercial permits approved for projects this week. All information is from Montgomery County:

Oct. 30:

  • Mohican Swimming Pool (7117 MacArthur Blvd.); pool house demolition and construction; 2,681 square feet for the pool house, 7,728 square feet for the pools and 13,163 square feet for the deck; $2,102,131 value

Oct. 29:

  • 2 Bethesda Metro office building (2 Bethesda Metro Center); interior alterations for the 5th and 6th floor; 5,000 square feet; $29,000 value

Oct. 28:

  • Clark Construction Corporate Office (7500 Old Georgetown Rd.); interior alteration; 1,418 square feet; $77,000 value

Oct. 25:

  • North Bethesda Business Center (10411 Motor City Dr.); interior alterations and related work; $20,000 value
  • 7200 Wisconsin Ave. office building (7200 Wisconsin Ave.); interior alterations for the 4th floor; 1,576 square feet; $70,891 value

Oct. 24:

  • Riviera Of Chevy Chase condos (4242 East West Highway); repairs to existing masonry walls and window curtainwall; $80,000 value