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LaRoche hunts 150-pound mountain lion (Photo)

Friday - 3/7/2014, 6:36pm  ET

Adam LaRoche poses with the 150-pound mountain lion he shot with a bow and arrow in Steamboat Springs, Colo. (Courtesy of Buck Commander Facebook page)

WASHINGTON - Nationals' first baseman Adam LaRoche isn't just good with a glove and bat, he can hold his own with a bow and arrow.

LaRoche, an avid outdoorsman, shot a 150-pound mountain lion in Steamboat Springs, Colo., this winter.

Pictures of the mountain lion and other animals LaRoche has hunted are on the Buck Commander Facebook page.

"It was actually one of the more physical hunts I've ever done…just with the hiking and the 2 feet of snow at that altitude," said LaRoche.

LaRoche followed tracks on the snowy trail to find and shoot the mountain lion. He and his hunting buddies took a couple of hours to hike it out of the woods, but it was worth it to him. It was his first mountain lion.

"Something I've always wanted and finally got to do. So it was fun."

In mountain states, cats like the one LaRoche shot are wiping out the mule and elk deer population. These states encourage the hunting of mountain lions to give the prey populations a fighting chance. LaRoche was happy to help the cause.

LaRoche says the best way to cook mountain lion is to smoke it for six to eight hours over a wood fire.

"It's pretty good meat. It's a white meat. It's a lot like pork."

After processing the lion's meat, LaRoche took it to the taxidermist. The cat's full body is now sitting in his home.

LaRoche hunts every winter at his ranch in Kansas. He is close friends with Willie Robertson, star of the reality show "Duck Dynasty." LaRoche, Robertson, and other friends teamed up to create the award-winning big-game hunting show "Buck Commander," which airs on the Outdoor Channel.

Agnes Varghese and WTOP Sports' Jonathan Warner contributed to this report. Follow @WTOPSports and @WTOP on Twitter.

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