WTOP Student Advisory Council FAQ

FAQ – About the WTOP Student Advisory Council

What is the WTOP Student Advisory Council?
The WTOP Student Advisory Council is an interactive community where members have the opportunity to share their views and opinions with peers and the staff of WTOP NEWS. Through participation, a student will provide insight that will shape the WTOP News platforms to better meet the needs of the local student population. Advisors also have the opportunity to weigh in on current news topics and issues and share in research findings, previews of new content and future product developments.

Who is on the WTOP Student Advisory Council?
Our Advisory Council has members from all the Greater Washington DC metro area. All we ask is that our members between the ages of 16-18 years old and be active students at accredited schools.

How do I apply to join the Advisory Council?
It is easy to apply, simply click on the ‘Apply to join the WTOP Student Advisory Council ’ button on the WTOP.com home page, complete the registration questionnaire and follow the on-screen instructions.

Once I am a member, do I need to login to the WTOP Student Advisory Council page on the WTOP website to complete a survey?
No there is no log-in requirement; we will simply email you a unique link to any survey you are invited to complete.

What would I need to do as a WTOP Student Advisory Council member?
As a WTOP Student Advisory Council member you will be invited to take part in various group discussions throughout the year which may include online, phone, postal, one-on-one or group conversations.

What happens if I don’t participate?
Under normal circumstances, we are unlikely to contact you more than once or twice a quarter, and you are under no obligation to participate. However, if after several invites you are not participating, we may contact you asking if you wish to continue to be part of the council. While there is no obligation to participate, we do reserve the right to remove council members after a period of time if we consider you to be inactive.

What am I able to say about being a member of the WTOP Student Advisory Council?
Once an approved member you will be able to use the following statement as a professional interest; “A member of the WTOP Student Advisory Council, an opt-in news and current events advisory community of Washington DC area students.”

Personal Info and Our Research Partners

Why do you ask general questions about me in the registration?
In order for us to understand our members it is useful to have a broader understanding about you, for example your age, gender, and school affiliation. By having this information, we can better design a committee experience that meets the needs of local students.

Why do you need my contact details (name, address, email address etc) and is it safe?
We ask for these details primarily so we can communicate with you personally, rather than just “Dear panelist,” but also in case we have other meetings that we may wish to invite you to. You may rest assured that your personal information is stored with the utmost care and will never be passed on to any third parties.

How do I cancel/ unsubscribe my membership?
If you would like to leave the WTOP Student Advisory Council simply email cschwalb@wtop.com to be removed from the committee.

Who are your news partners and how do they relate to the WTOP Student Advisory Council?
WTOP News partners with CBS News Radio, Fox News Radio, CNN News, and AP News that help provide national and international news coverage across our platforms on air and on the web sites. WTOP News also partners with Getty Images for pictures and news photographs.


Will my views be treated in confidence?
All discussions are carried out in private where council member privacy is assured at all times.  WTOP Student Advisory Council will not sell to council members as a result of participation.

Who has access to our views and opinions?
Only the relevant employees of Hubbard Radio DC will have access to the research results. All of your responses will remain anonymous and are reported on collectively and will not be directly attributed to you. In the event that we should we ever wish to ask questions where further contact may be helpful based upon your answers, this will be clearly stated at the time of the interview and you will have the option to not take part.

Will any of the discussion be published?
No, results of the discussions will not be published within the WTOP platform. Should we wish to make a discussion public, please rest assured your identity will never be revealed, unless there is written permission from you to do so.


How will you contact me?
Most of the communication will be via email. However, on occasion we may need to conduct you in other ways including telephone, or postal.

Why haven’t I received any email invitations?
Sometimes some ISPs may categorize email as spam even though you have requested to be a member of the WTOP Student Advisory Council and are therefore sometimes filtered out. Please check your spam filters for our emails and add our email address.

How long are the meetings or panels?
We always try to keep our surveys as short as possible but some subjects do require a more in depth conversation. Participation in each conversation is voluntary so if a topic is going too long or not of interest you may decide not to participate. WTOP Student Advisory Council members can also stop participating at any time.

What if I’m away when a panel or discussion invitation is sent to me?
You are not expected to participate in every panel or discussion. If you are not available to participate, simply delete the email invitation and wait until you are invited to another one.

How can I contact you about a panel or discussion?
Simply send us and email to cschwalb@wtop.com


Are there any rewards for taking part?
We may eventually offer some premium items from WTOP and/or any corporate partners who may support the WTOP Student Advisory Council initiative.

Why should I participate?
The WTOP Student Advisory Council is your opportunity to share your opinion on current news topics as well as contribute to the future development of WTOP News so that we can meet the needs of you and our community. Your feedback will go towards making real improvements in the coverage, content,


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