2019 Baseball Rule 5 Draft List

Major League Phase
Round 1

1. Tigers: RHP Rony Garcia (Yankees)

2. Orioles: RHP Brandon Bailey (Astros)

3. Marlins: RHP Sterling Sharp (Nationals)

4. Royals: RHP Stephen Woods (Rays)

5. Mariners: RHP Yohan Ramirez (Astros)

6. Reds: OF Mark Payton (A’s)

7. Giants: RHP Danny Jimenez (Blue Jays)

8. Phillies: SS Vimael Machin (Cubs)

9. Cubs: RHP Trevor Megill (Padres)

10. Red Sox: SS Jonathan Arauz (Astros)

Round 2

11. Orioles: Michael Rucker (Cubs)

Triple-A Phase
Round 1

1. Tigers: RHP Ruben Garcia (Orioles)

2. Orioles: OF Cristopher Cespedes (Indians)

3. Marlins: C Julian Leon (Angels)

4. Blue Jays: RHP Hobie Harris (Yankees)

5. Mariners: C Brian O’Keefe (Cardinals)

6. Pirates: RHP Alex Aquino (Braves)

7. Padres: LHP Brady Feigl (Rangers)

8. Rockies: RHP Nate Griep (Brewers)

9. Angels: RHP Erick Julio (Rockies)

10. White Sox: RHP Will Carter (Yankees)

11. Reds: SS Michael De Leon (Rangers)

12. Giants: C Bryan Torres (Brewers)

13. Rangers: RHP Eris Filpo (Rockies)

14. Cubs: RHP Brock Stewart (Blue Jays)

15. Red Sox: RHP Raynel Espinal (Yankees)

16. Mets: RHP Adam Oller (Giants)

17. Cardinals: RHP Jordan Brink (Brewers)

18. Nationals: SS Manuel Geraldo (Giants)

19. Indians: LHP Daniel Young (Blue Jays)

20. Rays: LHP Faustino Carrera (Cubs)

21. Braves: 2B Wendell Rijo (Yankees)

22. A’s: OF Jason Krizan (Mets)

23. Dodgers: INF Carlos Sepulveda (Cubs)

Round 2

24. Tigers: 2B Brian Schales (Twins)

25. Orioles: 2B Wilbis Santiago (Indians)

26. Mariners: CF Jhonny Santos (Marlins)

27. Rockies: RHP Michael Petersen (Brewers)

28. Angels: OF Edwin Yon (Reds)

29. Reds: RHP Miguel Figueroa (Giants)

30. Rangers: RHP Andriu Marin (Twins)

31. Cubs: OF Jerrick Suiter (Pirates)

32. Red Sox: RHP Jose Espada (Blue Jays)

33. Cardinals: RHP Enrique Saldana (Rockies)

34. Indians: RHP Jhon Peluffo (Orioles)

35. A’s: C Jose Colina (Indians)

Round 3

36. Mariners: 1B Daniel Gomez (Cardinals)

37. Angels: OF Pedro Diaz (Rays)

38. Cubs: OF Vance Vizcaino (Rockies)

39. Cardinals: RHP Jacob Bosiokovic (Rockies)

40. A’s: RHP Deivy Mendez (Padres)

Round 4

41. Angels: C Carlos Reina (Reds)

42. Cubs: SS David Masters (Nationals)

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