Back Pain Sufferers: Explore the Latest Breakthrough in Alternatives to Spine Surgery

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If there’s one thing we know, it’s that back pain is no joke. Whether it’s a nagging discomfort or debilitating pain, explore the latest breakthrough in treatment to overcome your back pain. The good news is you don’t need to travel overseas — it is available right in your backyard!

You may be thinking ‘I’ve exhausted every treatment option and home remedy in the book…’, but before you throw in the towel, be sure to consider stem cell therapy. This therapy has gained popularity among professional athletes and weekend warriors looking to overcome their pain with a shorter recovery time. The science behind stem cell therapy is simple — to utilize your own tissues to naturally stimulate healing.


One of the most common causes of severe back pain is painful discs. This is because our discs act as shock absorbers between the bones of our spine, absorbing the body’s activities throughout the day. Over time, injuries to our discs can occur as they lose hydration due to age. Think of your discs like a rubber band sitting on a desk over time — at first it is very elastic and flexible, but as time goes on it may start to dry out, developing small cracks and tears.

The cells inside our discs do not have the ability to heal themselves so surgery was a common solution for this condition — until now!


Known as the body’s ‘repairmen’, stem cells actually have the ability to turn into other cells such as bone cells, cartilage cells, or fat cells. These cells are taken directly from your body and are injected into the disc to stimulate a healing response. This healing response may help to regenerate lost collagen within the disc, leading to resolution of painful symptoms without the use of surgery!


Stem cells offer an improved quality of life without the recovery period of a surgery. Results for this treatment option typically occur within two to three months, but some individuals even experience benefits before this.

Dr. Christopher Good, Spine Surgeon at Virginia Spine Institute has been utilizing regenerative therapy for over five years and has been “pleased with how helpful it has been.” In regards to stem cells specifically he says, “I have seen a number of patients avoid low back surgery using this new and exciting technology. There has been impressive improvement in pain for some patients with more severe or complicated disc issues.”

Our nationally-recognized Spinal Specialists can determine whether or not stem cell therapy is the best treatment option for your condition. In some cases our specialists combine regenerative therapies to achieve the most optimal outcome for the patient. Learn more about how stem cell therapy can be used in conjunction with platelet rich plasma (PRP) to get pain sufferers back to the pain-free life they remember!

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