3 keys for using the cloud to attain business Nirvana

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If you ask any owner of a small or mid-sized company what nirvana looks like for them, you’ll probably get a wide-range of answers. There will likely be common themes, regardless of the type of company they are. Concerns about controlling costs, continuing growth, and avoiding risk would surely top the list.

Most businesses use some form of software to conduct business and the rapid adoption of cloud-based software may just provide the platform for this business Nirvana that most owners seek.

Cost savings

Cloud-based business software solutions offer a variety of immediate cost savings benefits. Expensive infrastructure components (servers, databases, etc.) and knowledgeable staff to build and execute them are avoided. Additionally, cloud-based solutions offer predictable expenses with monthly or annual subscriptions and allow for a lower cost of entry.

According to the latest IDG Enterprise Cloud Computing Survey, 70 percent of organizations have at least one application in the cloud, with 16 percent of those remaining indicating that they plan to do so within 12 months. The cloud is here to stay, and may be an excellent option for companies as they strive to control costs.


The cloud offers companies who want to grow their business two distinct advantages. The first is that it creates a landscape where the business owner can be agile and can quickly respond to the market using real-time data. Nothing is worse than getting that big new deal or contract and being stuck in the position of having to “get your ducks in a row.” A cloud-based solution typically takes less time to implement and allows firms to quickly adapt to expansion opportunities.

Second, by having an external partner build and maintain your software platform, the time of internal resources is often freed up allowing for a focus on more strategic initiatives.


Much like you are good at your specific niche market, most cloud providers are simply better at what they do, because that’s their business. Most offer exceptionally high availability, advanced security protocols, and have the network in place.

Having someone else install, manage, and upgrade your IT infrastructure, including managing security allows you to lean on the expertise of a vendor who supports hundreds or thousands of customers 24/7/365, and who is trained to keep up with the latest global threats.

Growing? No problem, adding capacity is a simple as asking the cloud vendor to flip a switch.

Reaching that state of business Nirvana is possible! For some, the cloud offers just what they need to keep an eye on costs, prepare and plan for corporate growth and to mitigate risk. Northern Virginia-based firm, Unanet, offers the one software for projects, people, and financials. Their one integrated system is available as either a cloud or on premise software solution (for those who need greater control and customization), and can help you reach business Nirvana.

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