McDonald’s in a sticky situation with Saturday’s “Rick and Morty” sauce promotion

(NEW YORK) — After the hit animated show Rick and Morty generated massive interest in a McDonald’s condiment they no longer produce, the fast-food empire announced they would reintroduce it for a limited time this weekend, only to disappoint people when the demand outmatched the supply.

The Szechuan sauce debuted when the Disney film Mulan was released in 1998 and was discontinued soon after.

Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty has created a new generation of Szechuan sauce fans, when it mentioned the stuff this year in season three, as something of a universe-shaking McGuffin. “That’s my one-armed-man, Morty!” a raging Rick tells his frightened grandson. “I’m not driven by avenging my dead family, Morty. That was fake. I’m driven by finding that McNugget sauce!”

“If it takes nine seasons, I want my McNugget dipping sauce!”

Fans signed a petition demanding that McDonald’s bring the sauce back.

McDonald’s responded. It was only to be available for a very limited time on Saturday, and only in select stores.

The New York Times reports that people were upset because they couldn’t get McDonald’s limited-edition Szechuan sauce and took to social media to excoriate the fast food giant.

But the lines were long and the sauce ran out. Employees were overwhelmed with requests for the sauce. McDonald’s had seriously underestimated just how popular it would be. People took to social media to complain. Videos appeared showing long linesangry chanting and even a small riot.

Over a dipping sauce.

In a statement Sunday night, McDonald’s acknowledged that its, “super-limited batch, though well-intentioned, clearly wasn’t near enough to meet that demand.”

McDonald’s tweeted that the coveted Szechuan sauce will return again this winter to more places, for a longer time, though the company did not specify exactly when.


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