The Latest: Republican wins House race by 1 vote in recount

This Nov. 23, 2018 photo shows Alaska State Review Board ballot examiner Stuart Sliter reacting when a loose ballot from a tied state House race is found without an envelope in Juneau, Alaska. Officials are investigating the origin of the ballot and will decide by Friday, Nov. 30, whether to count it during a recount of the Fairbanks House District 1 race. (James Brooks/Anchorage Daily News via AP)

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — The Latest on a tied Alaska House race that could decide control of Alaska state government (all times local):

5:52 p.m.

Republican Bart LeBon has won an Alaskan state House race after a recount showed him winning by one vote.

State of Alaska election officials said a Friday recount in Juneau showed LeBon beat Democrat Kathryn Dodge.

Before Friday’s recount, both candidates were tied with 2,661 votes apiece.

A mystery ballot found on a table in a voting precinct was tossed Friday after officials said it was determined to be a spoiled ballot from a voter who had made a mistake on it, told officials and then filled out a new ballot.

Dodge has five days to decide whether she will appeal the outcome.

If LeBon’s win holds, the GOP would control the House, Senate and governor’s office.


10:38 p.m.

Control of Alaska state government, at least for the next two years, could hinge on a mystery ballot that an election worker found on a table in a voting precinct on Election Day.

The uncounted ballot could break a tie in an Alaska House race. A decision on whether to count it is expected Friday. The elections office said the ballot appeared to be marked for Democrat Kathryn Dodge.

If Republican Bart LeBon wins, the GOP would control the House, Senate and governor’s office. If Dodge wins, it would set off a mad dash between the parties to build a caucus of at least 21 members needed for a majority in the House.

Officials were investigating the ballot before deciding whether to count it. A recount is scheduled for Friday.

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