ISPS HANDA World Invitational Scores


Ballymena, United Kingdom

a-Galgrom Castle (Host Course)

7,151 yards; Par 70


6,817 yards; Par 70

Purse: $1.5 million

Third Round

Note: Tournament is played on two courses.

Ewen Ferguson, Scotland 61a-70b-68a—199
John Catlin, United States 67b-69a-66a—202
Marcus Helligkilde, Denmark 67a-72b-64a—203
Jack Senior, England 69a-69b-65a—203
Connor Syme, Scotland 66a-68b-69a—203
Borja Virto Astudillo, Spain 65b-67a-71a—203
Richard Mansell, England 71a-65b-68a—204
Matthew Baldwin, England 68b-69a-68a—205
Filippo Celli, Italy 66b-67a-72a—205
Guido Migliozzi, Italy 70a-68b-67a—205
Jamie Rutherford, England 70b-68a-67a—205
Jens Fahrbring, Sweden 68b-70a-68a—206
Oliver Farr, Wales 70a-68b-68a—206
Robin Petersson, Sweden 66b-70a-70a—206
David Dixon, England 70a-67b-70a—207
Craig Howie, Scotland 69b-68a-70a—207
Tom McKibbin, Northern Ireland 69a-72b-66a—207
David Carey, Ireland 67b-73a-68a—208
Felix Palson, Sweden 65b-68a-75a—208
Renato Paratore, Italy 67a-68b-73a—208
Thomas Aiken, South Africa 66b-74a-69a—209
David Borda, Spain 70b-67a-72a—209
Steven Brown, England 72b-69a-68a—209
Jens Dantorp, Sweden 68a-71b-70a—209
Calum Fyfe, Scotland 66a-71b-72a—209
Sebastian Garcia Rodriguez, Spain 66b-73a-70a—209
Haraldur Magnus, Iceland 71b-69a-69a—209
Jake McLeod, Australia 72a-68b-69a—209
Zach Murray, Australia 70b-70a-69a—209
Wilco Nienaber, South Africa 66b-72a-71a—209
Jordan L. Smith, England 68a-67b-74a—209
Jordan Wrisdale, England 71b-69a-69a—209
Ryan Evans, England 66a-71b-73a—210
Angel Hidalgo, Spain 67a-71b-72a—210
Ryan Lumsden, England 68a-70b-72a—210
Stephen Stallings Jr., United States 69b-68a-73a—210
Dale Whitnell, England 66b-69a-75a—210
Joakim Wikstrom, Sweden 71b-68a-71a—210

Made Cut Did Not Finish

Ashley Chesters, England 72a-68b-71a—211
Bryce Easton, South Africa 67a-73b-71a—211
Deon Germishuys, South Africa 72a-68b-71a—211
Adam Keogh, England 70b-67a-74a—211
Marcus Kinhult, Sweden 74b-64a-73a—211
David Law, Scotland 70b-70a-71a—211
Christopher Mivis, Belgium 70a-69b-72a—211
John Murphy, Ireland 67a-69b-75a—211
Adrien Saddier, France 66a-71b-74a—211
Ben Stow, England 71a-70b-70a—211
Johannes Veerman, United States 72b-69a-70a—211
Philip Eriksson, Sweden 69b-72a-71a—212
David Horsey, England 70a-69b-73a—212
Gary Hurley, Ireland 70a-71b-71a—212
Carlos Pigem, Spain 68a-71b-73a—212
Victor Riu, France 73b-68a-71a—212
Lauri Ruuska, Finland 69b-68a-75a—212
Richard Bland, England 65b-71a-77a—213
Jon Thomson, England 68a-72b-73a—213
David Drysdale, Scotland 71b-70a-73a—214
Paul Dunne, Ireland 68a-72b-74a—214
Tom Murray, England 68b-70a-78a—216
Dimi Papadatos, Australia 68a-73b-75a—216
Christopher Feldborg Nielsen, Sweden 71b-70a-76a—217
Santiago Tarrio, Spain 66b-74a-79a—219
Mathieu Decottignies-Lafon, France 70b-71a-80a—221

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