Dr. Christina


  • Rub a dub dub … did you just say bleach in the tub?

    This article is sponsored by PM Pediatrics “Maybe try twice weekly bleach baths to help his chronic eczema.” Ummmmmm, what. Medicine is shocking sometimes. Ok, a lot. We see and do things that run the…

  • Just for good measure

    This content is sponsored by PM Pediatrics  By. Dr Christina Johns, MD, MEd I took this photo of a few VERY DIFFERENT SIZED teaspoons that are in my kitchen. Tapping into my artistic side? Brainstorming about a…

  • The old pink basket, aka the medicine cabinet

    Do you even HAVE a medicine cabinet? I don’t – doesn’t exist at my place. I have an old, pink, plastic basket that I believe can be dated to the Bush administration.

  • Melatonin for Kids: Hit the Snooze or Not?

    Most kids are pretty good sleepers, although there are some kids that are not. Sleep medicine as a whole is a rigorous scientific field these days, but a specific question that gets asked often is can you give melatonin to a child who has difficulty sleeping?