5 Enterprise tech issues that tell you it’s time for change

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You got into business because you believe in your products and services. You wanted to be your own boss and run the show the right way.

But as your company succeeded and grew, you realized your enterprise technology would need to grow out of the weeds for it to handle bigger and more complex contracts. After all, the more time you spend on administrative tasks, the less time you have to develop and sell your product or services. Particularly if you have government contracts, it’s easy to become mired in details that prevent you from focusing on the big picture.

We’ve spotlighted five common enterprise tech issues that small business owners face, and how you can deal with them, so you stop wasting time and money.

Using outdated software for accounting

Antiquated software is a problem that compounds over time. Some older interfaces may be difficult to learn or use daily. This means that they require experts to conduct trainings, perform maintenance on a system, and so on.

The best solution is to use software that integrates with your accounting system and includes contract information, purchase orders, approvals, and anything else you need to simplify the accounting process. For example, OneLynk Software from AtWork Systems allows information to be fully accessible in the cloud.

Skipping software updates

Some small businesses prefer to stick to old software, because implementing new programs seems difficult and could require changing a daily process. However, updates must eventually be implemented, and it will be easier to do incrementally, instead of jumping five versions forward when you can no longer put it off.

Using a system with automatic updates will take the task off your list of things to remember and help integrate updates into the usual flow of business.

Finding loopholes to government rules

If you’re one of the 4.1 million government contractors and sub-contractors, you likely live and die by compliance standards. Doing the research can be a headache, but non-compliance exposes you to risk and liability, not to mention losing your contract.

Let technology solve the issue by choosing a software system that has parameters in place to land a government contract or to keep the one you have. OneLynk was designed specifically for small businesses. It facilitates government audits and compliance with regulations.

Duplicating work

A lack of integrated systems sometimes means you can’t track important document modifications or manage your day-to-day business activities. Keeping systems siloed is actually stretching you thin.

Using software that doesn’t require you to have coding knowledge means it’s easy to set up, and you don’t have to hire an outside tech expert. OneLynk contains reasonable defaults that allow customization without coding.

Not organizing business data

If you’re trying to piece together data from several different systems, it makes it difficult to see the big picture.

Software that’s connected throughout your business, instead of fragmented in many different systems, is easier to understand and easier to train employees to use, as the entire company will be on the same platform and can support each other.

OneLynk solves tech issues with a platform designed to make businesses intelligent. It simplifies back office administration, so you can focus on sharing your products or services with customers. The software is simple to install and use, so you don’t have to rely on outside expertise to automate your system. You can also keep compliance standards and take advantage of full business analytics.

“We built OneLynk so it’s easy to use, while allowing you to operate in the Cloud. You can streamline your company’s HR, accounting, payroll and operations—in one system, so you can continue to scale further, faster,” says Ron Lewis, AtWork Systems’ CEO. “We created OneLynk so business owners can focus on business.”

Has your small business grown up, and you’re figuring out how to cope? Consult the pros from AtWork Systems and learn more about how OneLynk can help your company keep up and stay efficient. Visit ExploreAtWork.com.

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