Endoscopic Spine Surgery: The latest in minimally invasive spine surgery

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Many people are familiar with arthroscopic surgery of the knee or shoulder. The surgeon makes a small incision, inserts a scope, and performs the surgery.

Could this also be done for the spine?

Welcome to Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Patients who suffer from a lumbar disc herniation now have a new treatment option: endoscopic spine surgery. This procedure uses a scope to perform the surgery and does not involve large incisions seen in traditional spine surgery.

With endoscopic spine surgery, the surgical procedure can be performed with less than a 1 cm incision.

A typical scope used in the procedure

“One of the major differences between traditional and endoscopic spine surgery is the minimal amount of post surgical pain that I see in many of my patients,” says Dr. Usman Zahir, an orthopaedic spine surgeon who specializes in endoscopic spine procedures in the Virginia/DC/Maryland region.

“Today, we have a nationwide opioid epidemic. Minimally invasive procedures like endoscopic spine surgery will help reduce the need for post-surgical pain prescriptions,” Dr. Zahir adds.

Dr. Zahir is at the forefront in the advancement of endoscopic spine surgery in the DC/MD/Virginia region. For five years he was Clinical Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Georgetown University Hospital. Currently, he practices in Central and Northern Virginia and continues to teach others about the procedure. He was the first surgeon in Virginia to use a newly released endoscopic device in 2017 designed to treat lumbar stenosis, the iLESSYS® Delta Joimax endoscopic spine system. Dr. Zahir is trained on three separate endoscopic spine systems.

Dr. Zahir also had a piece written on this surgery in this article here.

The scope is inserted through a small incision to perform the surgery

Who is a candidate?

The ideal patient who can benefit from endoscopic spine surgery is a patient who has a disc herniation or spinal stenosis. Typically, these patients will have back and leg pain. If medications, therapy, and injections fail to work, then endoscopic spine surgery is a reasonable option to consider.


To learn more about endoscopic spine surgery

If you are a patient with back or leg pain and have found no relief with conservative treatments, you may be a candidate for endoscopic spine surgery. This option is now available to all patients in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia region. For more information about endoscopic spine surgeons in the area, visit  www.scopespine.com.

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