5 tips to keep your driveway in good repair this winter

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When taking special care of your home and yard during the winter months, don’t forget the driveway. This entrance to your home, while easy to overlook, needs proper attention to stay in good repair.

The following tips can help you keep the driveway in good condition, even through months of damaging ice and snow.

Keep your driveway clear of debris

Make sure that any debris, such as newspapers and ads, is removed immediately from your home’s driveway and walkways. Not only can these things become a trip hazard when snow comes and covers them up, but they could potentially damage snowblowers. Plus, when the snow melts, the last thing you want to find is a soggy newspaper.

Don’t overuse the ice melt

Under certain conditions, a driveway can become pocked and scaly. One of the most common causes of this pocked concrete is the overuse of ice melt.

“If de-icing is the cause of the scaling, it often will occur on certain areas of the driveway, such as where the vehicles are parked. Because vehicles pick up salt on the road, the salt eventually drips onto the driveway,” according to Angie’s List.

To avoid the unseemly scaling and pocks, consider clearing your driveway of excess ice melt.

Replace or repair the driveway when needed

When needed repairs are put off, there is a chance the problems will only get bigger. For example, certain cracks in the driveway may get bigger as water enters them and freezes. Other natural events, such as frost heaves, can mess with your driveway or garage floor.

“Frost heaving can wreak havoc with houses, barns, sheds, roadways, concrete slabs, basically anything that’s connected to the earth in a place where the ground freezes. Just as the phrase implies, the frost heaves, or lifts, things up. The problem is, the lifting may not be equal around the structure,” according to Ask The Builder.

If the concrete slabs around your home aren’t even or have cracks, contact a professional to learn about what the damage means and if it will get worse if not taken care of before or during the winter.

Make sure your garage door is in good repair

While you want to be able to enjoy your driveway, you don’t want to have to enjoy it more than necessary because you can’t get into the garage. Cold, snowy days are not good times to wish you had repaired or cared for the garage door.

If it is time to service your garage door, don’t wait for the next big snowstorm. Contact garage door professionals to help you service or replace your garage door when necessary and avoid having to abandon your car to the snow and ice in the driveway.

Don’t forget to shovel the driveway before you drive on it

While shoveling the driveway seems like a given, it is easy to let life get in the way — and before you know it, the snow and ice stay on the driveway for days. This makes it harder and less safe for pedestrians to pass your property.

If you shovel the snow before driving on it, clearing the driveway will be easier. Driving on the snow can pack it down and become a big pain to remove.

A little attention can help keep your driveway, garage and walkways in good repair and ready to survive the freezing winter months. For more information about taking care of your driveway or garage, contact a local professional to help access and fix any potential problems.

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