6 ways to decorate your garage door for Halloween

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With Halloween right around the corner, and spooky decorations starting to appear, there’s one area of your home you might be neglecting: the garage door. This large, reasonably flat surface often gets overlooked when it comes to holiday decorating.

With just a few items, you can easily turn that garage door into a spooky masterpiece that will wow your neighbors.

Check out these six ways to decorate your garage door for Halloween.

Visit the morgue

If your garage door is separated into squares, then you can easily turn it into a mausoleum or morgue by making each of the squares a nameplate for the deceased. Made with painted plastic foam installation panels and magnets, this cool decoration has parts that are small enough to store easily for the other 11 months of the year. See Instructablesfor more detailed instructions.

Stage a crime

Nothing says creepy faster than a roll of police or caution tape. With one roll and a few minutes to drape it all over the garage door and the front of your house, you’ll be set. Then, at the end of the season, cleanup is easy! Just throw it away or roll it up and save it for next year.

Get your family to help

This next idea, while still spooky, will give your family a great activity to do together. If your garage door already has windows, have each family member trace their hands and arms from the elbow down onto black paper. Cut out the silhouettes of the arms and hands and then place them in the windows to make it look like people are trying to get out of your garage.

If your garage doesn’t have windows, you can create a similar effect by putting yellow craft paper behind your silhouettes.

“No need for a big haunted house,” says Crafty House. “All you need are a few pieces of paper and scissors for an instantly creepy outdoor decoration.”

Use your words

Spelling “Happy Halloween” with letter cutouts on your garage door is only one option. You could put a tasteful quote from your favorite Halloween movie or book or use the standards “trick or treat,” “keep out” or “boo!”

For a harder project, turn the door into a witch’s recipe card. Put ingredients such as “bat wings” and “rat tails.” Don’t forget to mention the cauldron in your instructions.

Find your inner, and outer, monster

When turning your garage door into a monster, remember that the main components of any good door monster are the eyes and teeth. For those looking for the simple route, eyes can be made from paper plates and teeth can be made from poster board. Of course, this project can be as detailed and complex as you want, with some people setting it up so as the garage door opens and closes, the monster’s mouth opens and closes too.

For a place to start, visit the Hallmark Channel for basic how-to instructions.

Use your garage door as a movie screen

All you need is a projector setup, a few camping chairs and the right movie. For refreshments, have the kids go trick-or-treating first. When choosing what movie to watch, keep in mind that little children will be out and about at the same time you’ll be watching the movie. Choosing a family, kid-friendly show would be a neighborly idea.

If you aren’t the do-it-yourself type, you can always buy premade silhouettes, garage door covers or projected lights to decorate your garage. If your garage isn’t in good enough repair to use as a Halloween decoration, or you find yourself wanting a different style of garage door, visit the garage door professionals at www.overheaddoors.com for help.