How to pick appliances that fit your needs and personality

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Whether you are designing a new space or replacing an existing appliance, picking the right brand and model can be a challenge, especially since whatever you choose may be in use for years to come. Fortunately, finding a gem while wading through the various options can be easier if you follow a few key suggestions.

The following tips can help you find new appliances that fit your needs, style and personality. Use these tips for any appliance search, from vacuums to washers to garage doors.

Get brand recommendations

The particular brand of an appliance may not always matter, but going with a brand that you or your friends and family generally trust can be a simple way to narrow down the search. For example, some companies may more readily provide replacement parts or longer warranties than other companies, making them favorites of those you consult.

If you don’t have any recommendations from family and friends, calling a local professional to ask for brand recommendations may be a good idea, especially if you plan for that professional to install it.

Define your budget

While not the most exciting part of any shopping experience, knowing how much you plan to spend is important. This also helps you narrow down the field of options, making the process smoother and faster.

When forming a budget, consider your spending ability and the adage “you get what you pay for.”

“You use (large kitchen appliances) every day, so while I’m not saying go top-of-the-line, again, don’t go for the cheapest option,” writes Shifrah Combiths for Apartment Therapy. “Buy something that will last and last, something that works well and reliably.”

Assess your space

Look at the space where the appliance will be kept and consider what will fit and look best in that place. If your refrigerator and dishwasher are stainless steel, then maybe your microwave should be too. If the wood in your home generally has a lighter stain, then maybe a dark-wood ceiling fan is not the way to go. If you have no extra space in your garage, then the riding lawn mower may stay a dream for now.

Keep in mind any future remodeling plans and what look you want to eventually have in your home.

Some appliances come with features that you may want to intentionally seek out. If you are in the market for a new garage door, you will want to explore the different styles available before you make your purchase. You may want a garage door that incorporates windows to give your garage more natural light, especially if you use the garage as a workspace. On the other hand, your garage might look and function better with more privacy.

Consider your need and natural wear

Aside from the obvious use of the appliance you are looking for, there may be other uses to consider, for example, an ice machine that will sit on your counter versus an ice machine you want to be able to transport for use elsewhere.

You will also want to think about what the natural wear and tear in your house will be like. If you anticipate lots of fingerprints on the surface of the refrigerator, then you may want to consider getting one with a fingerprint-resistant finish. The idea is to make your purchase last for as long as possible, keeping the needs of your family in mind.

“The life expectancy of a typical appliance depends to a great extent on the use it receives,” points out This Old House.

Match your personality

Every time you use, see and clean your appliance you are going to relive your purchase. To ensure satisfaction and prevent buyer’s remorse, try to match the appliance to your personality. The easiest way to do this is to find something that clicks with you. If you see an appliance and get excited to use it and have it in your home, then that may be the appliance to choose.

If nothing automatically clicks with you, then consider any tendencies you may have that will affect the appliance. For example, if you love a vintage feel but don’t like to spend any more time cleaning than you have to, then maybe your desire to find something easy to clean would be the deciding factor in your purchase, rather than the style you tend to like. Or, even though you may want a toaster for your kitchen, if you’d rather have a clear counter, then you may want to skip the small appliance and use your oven when possible.

Considering this give-and-take between practicality and style can be a big part of finding the perfect appliance.

If you are in the market for a new appliance and need help deciding on what is best for you, contact your local professionals who know the most about that particular item. For example, the professionals at Overhead Door can help you find a garage door that meets your needs and personality. For more information, visit www.overheaddoors.com.