How to declutter and clean out before the holidays

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Before the family comes over for Thanksgiving or boxes of Christmas decorations fill the house, take the time to declutter and clean out your home. Getting rid of clutter will make it easier to focus on holiday fun and not stress over the amount of people, presents, food and decorations that may be about to crowd your house.

The following ideas are a great place to start the decluttering journey and get ready for the holidays. The goal is to clean out your home by the truckload, so roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Garbage bags and boxes

Once you decide to get rid of something, don’t hold onto it. Carrying around garbage bags to easily throw things away and keeping a box nearby to hold items to donate to charity will make it easier to get rid of the mess. Plus, donating items to charity may help someone else get ready for their own Christmas.

If you are on the fence about getting rid of something, remove it from the space it is in and see if you miss it enough to put it back. Once you see the area without clutter, you may quickly decide that it isn’t worth the stress and space to hold onto it.

Wipe down everything

“Next, start with some of those areas that don’t regularly get cleaned, like your walls,” Next Day Dumpsters recommends. “Taking time to deep clean now will mean you can just do quick spot cleaning around the holidays.”

No one likes to see or touch a dirty surface. The edges of doors, the walls of a staircase and kitchen cupboards are areas that commonly get neglected.

Also, wipe down and dust all of your possessions. If you don’t want to dust or clean something off, that’s fine; just get rid of it. There is no sense in keeping something you don’t want to take care of. Let your desire to not clean guide your decluttering journey.

Get rid of the big things

Right before the holidays is a good time to get rid of big items that are taking up space in your home. That ratty old couch in the guest room or the broken table stuffed in the downstairs closet, waiting for the day you finally feel like fixing it? Don’t let these things bog down your space.

Also, consider getting rid of any old, uncomfortable mattresses, especially if you plan to have overnight visitors during the holidays — making sure your mattresses are in good repair will help make their stay that much better.

If “you regularly wake up tired or achy … You tend to sleep better away from home, than in your own bed … Your mattress looks or feels saggy or lumpy … You’re over age 40 and your mattress is five to seven years old,” then it may be time to toss that old mattress, according to Consumer Reports.

Also keep in mind what you are buying for Christmas and make room for it now. That way, as soon as you are ready to put it away on Christmas Day, you can do so without any fuss.


When cleaning out your home, condensing items can make a visible difference. For example, many people hold on to mugs they’ve collected over the years and continue to stuff them in the cupboard. If you only keep the number of mugs that you need for things like hot chocolate and toss the rest, how much more space would you have in your cupboard?

Also, old pieces of children’s artwork and old paperwork can probably be scanned in to a computer or photographed and then tossed. Imagine if all of your files were digital: You may be able to get rid of your filing cabinets.

Cleaning out the game closet before the holidays can free up space. Toss any broken games or games that are missing pieces so when you grab something to play with the family on Christmas Eve you aren’t disappointed. Doing so before holiday shopping also works well because if there is a game you really like but can’t play because it is broken, you may be able to find that game on a good Black Friday or Christmas sale.

When you are done cleaning out your home for the holidays and find yourself with a massive load of junk, call Next Day Dumpsters. It can deliver a dumpster, big or small, to your home as quickly as the day after you call, and then it will haul away all the trash, giving you time to enjoy your newly decluttered home.