Jobs That Keep You on Your Feet

You don’t have to stay at your desk for eight hours.

Not every profession keeps you chained to an office or a desk from 9 to 5 during the workweek. If you want to keep an active lifestyle and want to be paid to stay on your feet, these jobs will do just that. Keep in mind that because of the nature of these jobs — which either require regular interaction with others or working outside in the elements, they are not jobs that can be done remotely. For those who like freedom of movement rather than the keyboard clicking and confinement of traditional desk jobs, consider these 10 careers that keep you on your feet and out of your seat.

Nurse Practitioner

Median Salary: $111,680

Unemployment Rate: 1.2%

Expected Number of Jobs Through 2030: 114,900

Like physicians, nurse practitioners spend plenty of time on the go, whether performing physicals, prescribing medicines or educating patients. They specialize by what type of patient they are serving, such as pediatrics or women’s health, and their role requires less education and training than physicians.

Among our rankings, this career came out on top as No. 1 in Best Health Care Jobs, No. 2 in 100 Best Jobs rankings and No. 2 in Best STEM Jobs.

Learn more about nurse practitioners.

Elementary School Teacher

Median Salary: $60,940

Unemployment Rate: 5.3%

Expected Number of Jobs Through 2030: 101,700

It’s hard to imagine a job that keeps you hopping more than being an elementary school teacher. While part of the role involves lesson planning, teachers of young children are generally given plenty of leeway to take a playful approach to learning, which might involve games, songs, props and plenty of playing to help elementary-age students learn.

This profession ranked No. 2 in Best Education Jobs, but came in at No. 95 in the 100 Best Jobs ranking.

Learn more about elementary school teachers.

Construction Manager

Median Salary: $97,180

Unemployment Rate: 4.1%

Expected Number of Jobs Through 2030: 51,400

Construction managers do have paperwork as part of their jobs, with responsibility for planning, budgeting and keeping clients informed of schedules and progress toward building completion. But much of their time is spent in the field on job sites, whether scheduling walkthroughs or troubleshooting emergencies that may arise during construction jobs. Construction management is ideal for someone who has a general interest in both building and design.

This job ranks No.1 in Best Construction Jobs and No. 29 in 100 Best Jobs.

Learn more about construction managers.

Fashion Designer

Median Salary: $75,810

Unemployment Rate: N/A

Expected Number of Jobs Through 2030: 100

While these coveted jobs are harder to come by, fashion designers are out and about, creating concepts for clothes, shoes and accessories, then bringing them to life. Their job might include anything from selecting fabrics to sewing and showcasing their work on mannequins or at fashion shows. Designers must have both the technical skills required of the field and a high level of creativity.

This job also ranks No. 10 in Best Business Jobs and No. 32 in 100 Best Jobs.

Learn more about fashion designers.

Epidemiologist/Medical Scientist

Median Salary: $74,560

Unemployment Rate: 2.2%

Expected Number of Jobs Through 2030: 2,300

Epidemiologists, also called medical scientists, can be found in hospitals, labs and universities, where their primary role is to study the cause of diseases to try to prevent their transmission. To do so, epidemiologists take on a wide variety of duties, from collecting blood samples to tracking infections and determining where and when intervention is required.

The job ranks No. 1 in Best Science Jobs and No. 39 in 100 Best Jobs.

Learn more about epidemiologists/medical scientists.

Landscaper and Groundskeeper

Median Salary: $31,730

Unemployment Rate: 2.9%

Expected Number of Jobs Through 2030: 85,000

If you have a green thumb and like staying active outside, becoming a landscaper or groundskeeper might be a great fit. Landscapers combine creativity in designing and constructing outdoor areas such as walkways and patios with roll-up-your-sleeves work like planting trees, shrubs and flowers, and watering plants. Groundskeepers have a slightly different role that can include duties such as snow removal, swimming pool maintenance or keeping public spaces litter-free.

Learn more about landscapers and groundskeepers.

Wind Turbine Technician

Median Salary: $56,230

Unemployment Rate: N/A

Expected Number of Jobs Through 2030: 4,700

“Wind techs” or wind turbine technicians inspect and maintain wind turbines. This job keeps them airborne as they perform these duties up high in a turbine, where they can fix the mechanism’s components and replace parts that are malfunctioning.

This jobs ranks No. 1 in Best Maintenance and Repair Jobs, No. 5 in Best Jobs Without a College Degree and No. 7 in Highest Paying Jobs Without a Degree.

Learn more about wind turbine technicians.

Home Health Aide

Median Salary: $27,080

Unemployment Rate: 6.9%

Expected Number of Jobs Through 2030: 1,129,900

By traveling to their clients’ houses, home health aides help with personal health care in the home. These professionals perform activities that may include reinforcing a patient’s eating and exercise schedule, assisting with physical movement such as getting in and out of bed or the shower, or doing household chores.

This job ranks No. 2 in Best Jobs Without a College Degree and No. 3 in Best Health Care Support Jobs.

Learn more about home health aides.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Median Salary: $62,940

Unemployment Rate: N/A

Expected Number of Jobs Through 2030: 15,600

Helping other people move through their everyday tasks such as dressing, walking or bathing when it’s difficult for patients is the bread and butter of an occupational therapy assistant. This role is the opposite of a desk job and requires physical activity to assist others who have lost the ability, or have limited ability, to do daily tasks.

This job comes in at No. 2 in Best Health Care Support Jobs and No. 30 in the 100 Best Jobs rankings.

Learn more about occupational therapy assistant.


Median Salary: $56,900

Unemployment Rate: 6.2%

Expected Number of Jobs Through 2030: 66,100

After at least four years of apprentice training and state licensure, electricians can specialize in installing, maintaining and repairing electrical systems. Taking on active tasks such as ensuring that electrical work in residences or businesses is up to code and installing and repairing electrical wiring keeps electricians on the move to many different venues.

This job comes out on top in several of our rankings including No. 2 in Best Construction Jobs and No. 5 in Highest Paying Jobs Without a College Degree.

Learn more about electricians.

These jobs will keep you on your feet:

— Nurse Practitioner.

— Elementary School Teacher.

— Construction Manager.

— Fashion Designer.

— Epidemiologist/Medical Scientist.

— Landscaper and Groundskeeper.

— Wind Turbine Technician.

— Home Health Aide.

— Occupational Therapy Assistant.

— Electrician.

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