Best Part-Time, Work from Home Jobs

Work these part-time jobs from home.

With no commute, no cubicle and no co-workers nearby, remote work is the ideal arrangement for many people. Working from home can save you money on expenses such as transportation and child care while also adding flexibility to your schedule. Fortunately, many employers are now embracing remote work as the rule rather than the exception. But what if you only want to work part-time? The good news is that you can work many part-time jobs from home as well. Here are seven of the best — and perhaps unexpected — part-time, work from home jobs, with data coming from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Computer Systems Analyst

Median salary: $93,730
Education required: Bachelor’s degree

Computer systems are an integral part of businesses today, and companies hire computer system analysts to evaluate their current technology and suggest upgrades. They may also oversee the installation of new systems, test equipment and train workers on how to use it. While this job may require workers to be on-site for some tasks, others can be completed remotely. Analysts who serve as consultants can pick and choose their projects to create a part-time work schedule.

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Management Analyst

Median salary: $87,660
Education required: Bachelor’s degree

Management analysts may work as consultants, allowing them to work as little or as much as they want. Companies hire them to review policies and procedures and make recommendations that will improve efficiency and the bottom line. Management analysts will likely need to visit workplaces to meet with clients and collect data. However, they can review information and prepare reports from home.

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Operations Research Analyst

Median salary: $86,200
Education required: Bachelor’s degree

Businesses rely on operations research analysts to crunch numbers and recommend ways to operate more cost-effectively. The job requires a strong grasp of mathematics, statistical analysis and data mining. While operations research analysts may work full time in an office, this is another job that lends itself well to consulting for those who prefer to work part time and largely from home.

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Median salary: $208,000
Education required: Medical school, residency, state licensure

A few years ago, it would have been hard to imagine a physician working from home. After all, it’s hard to diagnose and treat a patient you can’t see. However, advances in technology and the availability of at-home examination kits, such as those offered by TytoCare, make it possible for physicians to conduct remote examinations and prescribe treatments for a variety of common conditions. Telemedicine companies may hire doctors on a part-time basis to provide this care.

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Data Scientist

Median salary: $98,230
Education required: Bachelor’s degree

Data scientists take big numbers and boil them down into insights that business, government and nonprofit leaders can use to make decisions. They work in the realm of big data to make sense of the massive amount of information available through various sources. Much of this work is done online which it makes it possible to work from home. Part-time employment is also a possibility, particularly for those who work on a contract basis.

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Software Developer

Median salary: $110,140
Education required: Bachelor’s degree

Software developers have an ideal job for remote work. They create system and application software and don’t need to be in an office to do it. Instead, they can work from any location with internet access to design software, oversee its creation and test it for bugs. While many software developers work full time, according to the BLS, there are also part-time opportunities for those who want to work on an hourly or contractual basis.

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Information Security Analyst

Median salary: $103,590
Education required: Bachelor’s degree

Information technology careers as a whole lend themselves well to remote work. Thanks to computer networks and cloud applications, many IT jobs can be done wherever workers have access to a laptop and the internet. Information security analysts are responsible for keeping networks and data safe from cybercriminals. They may create a security plan, oversee its implementation and recommend upgrades to software and hardware as needed.

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7 Part-Time, Work from Home Jobs:

— Computer Systems Analyst.

— Management Analyst.

— Operations Research Analyst.

— Physician.

— Data Scientist.

— Software Developer.

— Information Security Analyst.

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