The Best Places for Seniors to Work in Retirement

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Many people continue to work in retirement because they need the income and enjoy the social benefit and sense of purpose a job can provide. However, cities with lots of job opportunities often have a high cost of living that can be cost-prohibitive to retirees with a limited budget. Here’s a look at the U.S. News Best Places to Retire that scored well on the U.S. News Job Market Index, which includes Bureau of Labor Statistics data about the area’s unemployment rate and average salary. Here’s a look at the best cities to work in retirement.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

College towns often have lots of exciting job and education opportunities. The economy of Ann Arbor revolves around the University of Michigan, which is the area’s largest employer. The University of Michigan Hospitals-Michigan Medicine ranks as No. 11 on the U.S. News Best Hospitals Honor Roll and is a major provider of health care jobs. Many job opportunities in college towns are interesting and innovative, and you might be able to use cutting-edge technology and make a contribution to the community and the world.


If you’re dreaming of a Florida beach retirement, but also want to continue to work, consider Miami. Miami has a wide variety of large employers, including the University of Miami, several health care providers, international banks and cruise lines. PortMiami sees more cruise passengers than any other port in the world, and is also a busy container port. There’s no state income tax in Florida, which allows you to keep more of your earnings from your retirement job. Senior citizens are also eligible to ride the Miami-Dade County public transit system for free, which could eliminate your commuting costs.


Tennessee’s most populous city is best known as a center for the music industry, which provides both jobs and numerous entertainment options. This state capital city has a large number of government jobs. There are also multiple colleges and universities located in Nashville, including Vanderbilt University and Tennessee State University. The Vanderbilt University Medical Center is among the top 20 hospitals in the nation and a major job provider, according to the U.S. News Best Hospitals Honor Roll. The state of Tennessee doesn’t tax earned income, which can help your retirement job income to stretch further.

Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester is located in southern New Hampshire about 50 miles from Boston. Major employers include several hospitals and medical centers and Southern New Hampshire University. The state of New Hampshire doesn’t tax earned income, and there’s also no sales tax, which could help your retirement budget, but watch out for the high property tax rates. Manchester residents also enjoy a high quality of life outside of the office. The area has a four-season climate that provides opportunities to view stunning fall foliage in the autumn and for nearby skiing in the winter.

Dallas-Fort Worth

Many people relocate to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for the job opportunities. The area has numerous corporate headquarters for major companies. The cost of living, especially compared to other large cities, makes it easier for retirees on a budget to move to the area. Texas doesn’t have an income tax, which means fewer deductions from your paycheck. The prolific shopping centers make it easy to secure the items you need and provide additional opportunities for part-time jobs. Sports fans will appreciate the variety of professional teams, including the Cowboys, Mavericks, Rangers and Stars.


America’s fourth largest city has a wide variety of job opportunities, particularly in the energy industry. Houston Methodist Hospital ranks 16th in the country on the U.S. News Best Hospitals Honor Roll, and provides both health care and jobs to the community. Seniors age 65 and older can audit courses for free at the University of Houston, which could help you to improve your skills for a new job. Housing is more affordable in Houston than in other large cities in the U.S., which allows your retirement paychecks to stretch further. However, unless you live close to your job, you will likely need a vehicle to get around.

Charleston, South Carolina

South Carolina’s largest city is a tourist destination. Many people visit to walk among the cobblestone streets and historic architecture and sample the southern food and hospitality. Retirees might enjoy working in some of the many galleries and boutiques and chatting with visitors. Housing costs are higher in Charleston than in many other southern cities, but can feel affordable to people who are relocating from other more expensive parts of the country. This coastal city also allows you to spend your retirement years enjoying Charleston’s Atlantic Ocean beaches.


This state capital city has a large variety of government jobs. The University of Texas at Austin provides many innovative employment opportunities, and senior citizens are even eligible for free tuition on a limited number of credit hours, which could help you retool for your next career. The area is also a hub for tech jobs, including Apple, Dell and IBM. Buying a home in Austin costs more than in other parts of Texas, but can still feel affordable to people relocating from expensive coastal cities. You may also be able to find a creative job in the city’s vibrant live music community.

Portland, Maine

Less than a two hour drive from Boston, Portland is a college town that is home to the University of Southern Maine. If you have a passion for fresh seafood, craft beer, farm-fresh produce or other culinary delights, you might enjoy a part-time job as part of Portland’s innovative food scene. This seaside city has an active port as well as an arts district with many museums and art galleries, which may provide opportunities for creative jobs. After work, you can relax as you watch the Atlantic Ocean waves crash into Portland’s famously rocky coastline.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

There are several military bases and defense contractors in the area, which shape the economy of Colorado Springs. This Rocky Mountain city is also a tourist destination, and there are many jobs available in the tourist industry, some of which might be seasonal. You could spend your retirement years regularly getting to visit Pikes Peak, Seven Falls and the Garden of the Gods Park, or perhaps play a role in showing newcomers natural wonders for the first time. This mountain town is likely to be a good fit for those who would like to spend their retirement years enjoying the outdoors.

The Best Cities for Retirement Jobs:

— Ann Arbor, Michigan.

— Miami.

— Nashville.

— Manchester, New Hampshire.

— Dallas.

— Houston.

— Charleston, South Carolina.

— Austin.

— Portland, Maine.

— Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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