Who Is Hiring? 5 Industries to Start Your Job Search

Millions of people have lost their jobs in the months since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and entire industries have ground to a halt in the wake of government shutdowns and restrictions. Now is not the time to find a job in the tourism or hospitality industries, for instance.

However, that doesn’t mean all jobs have disappeared. “We have two economies,” says Ira Wolfe, president of Success Performance Solutions, a firm providing pre-employment and leadership assessments. While the pandemic has accelerated automation and eliminated jobs in some sectors, it has ramped up demand in others.

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Here are five industries seeing job growth right now, according to employment experts like Wolfe:

— Health care.

— Technology.

— Cannabis.

— Logistics and transportation.

— Construction and real estate.

Health Care

Not surprisingly, health care is a field in need of qualified workers during the pandemic.

“Anything COVID-related is exploding,” says Jim Goldfarb, senior vice president with recruiting firm Atlantic Partners. For example, one of his clients is working to set up COVID testing sites at airports and has a tremendous need for phlebotomists, lab technicians and similar positions. Nurses have also been in strong demand nationwide.

Still, not all health care occupations have seen an uptick in job openings, Wolfe says. With facilities delaying elective procedures and limiting office visits, administrative and clinical professionals in some settings have seen their hours cut in 2020.

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As businesses automate systems and shift to remote work, technology professionals have found themselves in demand. While there is a need for computer programmers and developers, many businesses and startups are also seeking executives who are comfortable leading their team virtually.

Not all of these technology jobs are permanent though. Businesses may be seeking short-term workers to help them modernize their systems and prefer to use consultants instead of employees.

“Benefits are very expensive,” Goldfarb says. “It’s cheaper for (companies) to bring on contractors.”


Although not legal in every state, marijuana sales are on pace to increase 40% in 2020, according to the Marijuana Business Factbook. Many states allowed marijuana establishments to remain open as essential businesses during spring shutdowns and that helped fuel demand for their products, according to David Belsky, CEO of FlowerHire, an executive search and staffing firm for the cannabis industry.

“Cannabis is really a job creator at all ends of the job spectrum,” Belsky says. While many positions are hourly jobs in retail, delivery or processing, the industry also offers leadership opportunities that pay six-figure incomes.

In the past year, a number of companies have experienced tremendous job growth. As an example, Belsky points to the multistate operator Ascend Wellness Holdings, which has gone from 100 employees last year to 700 now. Meanwhile, California-based Eaze has 1,200 workers who deliver cannabis products to customers. “These tend to be W-2 jobs with benefits,” Belsky adds.

Logistics and Transportation

With more people shopping from home, companies have added workers to ensure goods move safely and efficiently through the supply chain. The logistics industry includes a variety of occupations including managers, warehouse workers and truck drivers. Not all have seen the same boon during the pandemic, though.

“There are certain positions in every industry that are being hurt (by the pandemic),” Wolfe says. Within the field of logistics, the health crisis has led some companies to accelerate automation plans which means less need for human workers in warehouses.

On the other hand, drivers are in demand since their work can’t be outsourced to technology. UPS, Amazon and Instacart are some companies that have added to their workforce in the past year, according to Goldfarb.

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Construction and Real Estate

Wolfe says the construction industry is booming, and he sees a number of contractors searching for employees to fill a wide range of positions. These include superintendents, project managers, designers and laborers.

“People are spending more time in their homes,” Wolfe explains. Remote workers no longer have a commute, and families are spending less on entertainment. That frees up money for home renovations, additions or enhancements.

Others are looking for entirely new houses, meaning job opportunities for real estate agents. Existing home sales are at the highest level since 2006, and new home sales have been strong during 2020 as well. While it remains to be seen whether the housing market can sustain its current levels, low mortgage rates seem likely to continue to entice potential homebuyers in the near future.

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