How to Achieve Integrity in the Workplace

Do you find it hard to stay on task while working from home? Due to the coronavirus, more professionals are working remotely than ever before. Some professionals are already used to working from home, but for others, it’s been a crash course. It can be difficult to always remain focused and productive when your home is your office. However, there is another challenge to working remotely: displaying integrity.

What Is Integrity?

Integrity means being honest and having strong moral principles, even when no one is watching you. In a workplace setting, this is what employers and managers seek in their employees. Especially when working from home, it can be tempting to take a few liberties when you know that your boss or your clients can’t see you. Displaying integrity at work means showing up on time, being responsible and honest if and when any problems arise and holding yourself accountable.

Importance of Integrity

So why is it so important to show integrity in the workplace, even when your home is your makeshift office? Here are a few basic reasons:

— Build and maintain a positive reputation.

— Earn your boss’ trust.

— Feel good sticking to your values.

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Build and Maintain a Positive Reputation

When you show integrity in the workplace, others know that you are dependable. For example, your teammates know that you will have your portion of the big project done by its due date. Your boss knows that you will turn in your reports on time. These types of things seem small, but over time they help build a positive reputation and show your commitment to your job and your organization.

Earn Your Boss’ Trust

Earning trust isn’t solely about turning in projects on time. It also includes owning up to your mistakes. Did you forget to call an important client? Did you accidentally drop and break the new tablet that your company provided for your home office?

Don’t be tempted to lie and make up excuses; just tell the truth. There is pressure to be dishonest and cover up to avoid negative consequences, but the reality is that your boss will appreciate your honesty. They may not be initially happy to hear about the mistake, but they will know that they can trust you.

Feel Good Sticking to Your Values

When you display integrity at work, you are true to yourself and your values. This is the most important reason because staying true to your values is vital for long-term happiness. If you do something that you know is wrong or don’t feel good about, your conscience will bother you. This can take away from your feeling of fulfillment in the workplace. And in the long term, this can cause you to have a negative view of yourself, which can lead to self-destructive habits.

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How to Show Integrity When Working Remotely

While many organizations might have resisted the idea of remote work, many are being forced to do so. Help your boss feel more comfortable about the idea of you working from home by doing your best to show integrity at work. Here are some ways you can show integrity while working remotely:

— Regular and open communication.

— Eliminate distractions.

— Set boundaries.

Regular and Open Communication

Do your best to be in regular communication with your boss and your team. If they feel like they always have to track you down, that can make them feel stressed and anxious about your work. Instead of waiting for them to write to you about your projects, take the initiative to provide them with an update and let them know about any possible roadblocks to work being done by the due date.

Ask your supervisor how they would prefer to receive updates from you: daily, weekly, something else? If you don’t already have a group chat with your team for projects you are working on, create one on Slack or another platform that your organization uses. This may take a little more effort, but it’s well worth it.

Eliminate Distractions

When you are at the office, knowing that others are watching you can help you stay on task. However, when working from home, it can be easy to get distracted by other things, such as the TV and internet. While it’s a good idea to take short breaks throughout your workday, just as you would in the office, you want to make sure that distractions aren’t taking away from your overall productivity and robbing time from your work. It’s important to set limits. For example, if you are expected to work your regular work hours from home, set a timer when you decide to take a break. Then, when the buzzer goes off, you know it’s time to get back to work.

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Set Boundaries

It can be difficult to stay on track when your family is at home while you work or when there are important house projects that need finishing. Talk to those in your household about setting guidelines during designated work hours in order to better respect everyone’s schedules. Perhaps you can work in a room where you can have the door shut during certain work hours. Let your friends know that although you are at home, you aren’t available to text or call extensively at certain times.

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