Top Pharmacist-Recommended Vitamins and Supplements

Choosing the best vitamins and supplements

Choosing the best vitamins can feel overwhelming when dozens of bottles line drugstore shelves. That’s where we step in to help. U.S. News, in partnership with Pharmacy Times, asked hundreds of pharmacists nationwide which vitamins and supplements they recommend most often. Here, you’ll see what they deemed the top multivitamins, fiber and iron supplements and more in the 2020 Top Recommended Health Products survey.

Top Bone and Joint Strengtheners

Osteo Bi-Flex: 76%
Cosamin DS: 9%
Nature Made TripleFlex: 6%
Schiff Move Free: 5%
Arthro-7: 2%
Inholtra Premium Lubri-Joint: 1%
Synodrin: 1%

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Top Calcium Supplements

Citracal: 32%
Caltrate: 19%
Os-Cal: 15%
Nature Made: 13%
Tums: 9%
Nature’s Bounty: 6%
Sundown Naturals: 3%
Viactiv: 2%
Vitafusion Calcium and Vit D: 1%

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Top Cholesterol Management

Nature Made Fish Oil: 31%
Nature’s Bounty Fish Oil: 19%
Natrol Omega-3 Fish Oil: 14%
Schiff MegaRed: 14%
Metamucil: 7%
Nature Made CholestOff: 5%
Sundown Naturals: 3%
Nature’s Way Fisol Fish Oil: 1%
Ocean Blue Omega-3: 1%

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Top Coenzyme Q10 Supplements

Nature Made: 51%
Nature’s Bounty: 23%
Qunol Ultra: 12%
Sundown Naturals: 8%
Natrol: 3%
Vitafusion: 3%

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Top Cranberry Supplements

AZO Cranberry: 67%
Nature Made: 14%
Cystex: 6%
Nature’s Bounty: 6%
Nature’s Way: 3%
Ester-C: 2%
Sundown Naturals: 2%
Ocean Spray Soft Chews: 2%
KeraViatin: 1%

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Top Fiber Supplements

Metamucil: 51%
Benefiber: 25%
FiberCon: 9%
Citrucel: 6%
Fiber Choice: 4%
Konsyl: 2%
Phillips’ Fiber Good: 2%
Vitafusion Fiber Well: 1%

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Top Flax Seed Oil Supplements

Nature Made: 62%
Nature’s Bounty: 25%
Nature’s Way: 6%
Sundown Naturals: 4%
Nature’s Truth: 2%
Nature’s Blend: 1%

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Top Garlic Supplements

Nature Made: 37%
Garlique: 32%
Nature’s Bounty: 16%
Sundown Naturals: 5%
Kyolic: 4%
Nature’s Way: 4%
Nature’s Blend: 1%
Nature’s Truth: 1%

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Top Herbal Supplements

Nature Made: 58%
Nature’s Bounty: 28%
Nature’s Way: 6%
Sundown Naturals: 5%
Natrol: 2%
Pure Encapsulations: 1%

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Top High-Potency Vitamin C Supplements

Emergen-C: 49%
Nature Made: 16%
Airborne Vitamin C: 15%
Nature’s Bounty: 10%
Ester-C: 5%
Sundown Naturals: 2%
Vitafusion Power C: 2%
Nature’s Way: 1%

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Top Hydration Support

Pedialyte: 65%
Gatorade: 25%
Hydralyte: 6%
Powerade: 4%

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Top Immune Support

Airborne: 38%
Emergen-C: 29%
Cold-EEZE Cold Remedy Plus Natural Immune Support + Energy: 10%
Sambucol: 9%
Culturelle Health & Wellness Daily Immune Support Formula: 5%
Halls Defense: 2%
Nature Made Immune Care: 2%
Zarbee’s Immune Support: 2%
Alive! Immune Gummies: 1%
EZC Pak: 1%
Ricola Herbal Immunity: 1%

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Top Iron Supplements

Slow Fe: 34%
Feosol: 27%
Nature Made: 19%
Ferro-Sequels: 7%
Vitron-C: 7%
Nature’s Bounty: 6%

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Top “Letter” Vitamin Brands

Nature Made: 64%
Nature’s Bounty: 18%
21st Century: 7%
Sundown Naturals: 5%
Nature’s Way: 3%
Pure Encapsulations: 2%
Mason Natural: 1%

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Top Magnesium Supplements

Mag-Ox 400: 53%
Slow-Mag: 17%
Nature Made: 17%
Nature’s Bounty: 7%
Natrol: 2%
Sundown Naturals: 2%
UroMag: 2%

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Top Multivitamins

Centrum: 48%
One A Day: 26%
Nature Made: 12%
Nature’s Bounty: 5%
Alive!: 4%
Vitafusion MultiVites: 2%
Nature’s Way: 1%
Olly Perfect Men’s/Women’s Multi: 1%
21st Century Mega Multi: 1%

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Top Nutritional Supplements

Ensure: 63%
Boost: 22%
Glucerna: 10%
Muscle Milk: 2%
Vega: 2%
Isopure: 1%

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Top Ocular Nutritional Supplements

PreserVision: 55%
Ocuvite: 37%
ICaps: 7%
TheraTears Nutrition Omega-3: 1%

Read more about ocular nutritional supplements here.

Top Omega-3/Fish Oil Supplements

Nature Made: 43%
Nature’s Bounty: 18%
Schiff MegaRed: 15%
Natrol Omega-3 Fish Oil: 7%
Mason Natural: 4%
Ocean Blue Omega-3 Mini Caps: 3%
Sundown Naturals: 3%
Nordic Naturals: 2%
Vitafusion Omega-3: 2%
Nature’s Blend: 1%
Nature’s Truth: 1%
Nature’s Way Super Fisol: 1%

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Top Prenatal Vitamins

One A Day Prenatal: 39%
Nature Made Multi Prenatal: 26%
Nature’s Bounty Prenatal: 10%
Centrum Specialist Prenatal: 9%
Enfamil Expecta DHA & Multivitamin: 5%
21st Century Prenatal: 5%
Vitafusion PreNatal: 4%
Nature’s Way Completia Prenatal Multivitamin: 1%
Olly the Essential Prenatal Multivitamin: 1%

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Top Probiotic Dietary Supplements

Culturelle: 27%
Florastor: 24%
Align Probiotic Supplement: 12%
Florajen: 11%
Nature Made: 8%
Nature’s Bounty: 6%
VSL #3: 4%
Phillips’ Colon Health: 3%
Probiotic Pearls: 2%
Ultimate Flora by RenewLife: 2%
Bacid Probiotic: 1%

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Update 06/09/20: This article was originally published on a previous date. It has been updated to reflect the most recent survey results.

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