Top 10 Countries for Technological Expertise, Ranked by Perception

Countries with Tech Expertise, Ranked by Perception

At the core of innovation, technological expertise is one of the most important attributes nations can possess, one that incorporates both skill and knowledge. Technological skills are often the most sought after and one area where supply still hasn’t matched the demand in many developing economies.

Technological expertise is one of 10 attributes used to develop the Entrepreneurship sub-ranking in the 2020 Best Countries report. The survey is based on a study that surveyed more than 20,000 global citizens from four regions to assess perceptions of 73 countries on 65 different metrics.

The following are the top 10 countries viewed to possess technological expertise.

No. 10: Israel

Technological Expertise Rank: 10
Best Countries Overall Rank: 29

Learn more about Israel.

No. 9: Switzerland

Technological Expertise Rank: 9
Best Countries Overall Rank: 1

Learn more about Switzerland.

No. 8: Russia

Technological Expertise Rank: 8
Best Countries Overall Rank: 23

Learn more about Russia.

No. 7: United Kingdom

Technological Expertise Rank: 7
Best Countries Overall Rank: 6

Learn more about the United Kingdom.

No. 6: Singapore

Technological Expertise Rank: 6
Best Countries Overall Rank: 16

Learn more about Singapore.

No. 5: Germany

Technological Expertise Rank: 5
Best Countries Overall Rank: 4

Learn more about Germany.

No. 4: United States

Technological Expertise Rank: 4
Best Countries Overall Rank: 7

Learn more about the United States.

No. 3: South Korea

Technological Expertise Rank: 3
Best Countries Overall Rank: 20

Learn more about South Korea.

No. 2: China

Technological Expertise Rank: 2
Best Countries Overall Rank: 15

Learn more about China.

No. 1: Japan

Technological Expertise Rank: 1
Best Countries Overall Rank: 3

Learn more about Japan.

Countries With the Highest Technological Expertise

1. Japan

2. China

3. South Korea

4. United States

5. Germany

6. Singapore

7. United Kingdom

8. Russia

9. Switzerland

10. Israel

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