Primary night: McKay wins in Fairfax chairman’s race while Alcorn takes Hunter Mill

Jeff McKay is the presumptive favorite to succeed Sharon Bulova as the top elected official in Fairfax County after his Tuesday victory in the four-candidate Democratic primary.

McKay, the three-term Lee District supervisor, picked up 42.5% of the vote in the low-turnout Fairfax County primary, with newcomer Alicia Plerhoples following with 31.3%, school board member Ryan McElveen with 16.4% and real estate developer Tim Chapman with 9.8%.

McKay, 43, who launched his government career as chief of staff to former Lee District Supervisor Dana Kauffman, will face Republican Joe Galdo in November. In solidly blue Fairfax County, Virginia’s largest jurisdiction with more than 1.1 million residents, McKay will be heavily favored. A Republican hasn’t led the board in 25 years.

“This is a big, complicated county, and what the voters said tonight is: ‘We’re a strong Democratic county, but we’re also a county that believes in results,’” The Washington Post quoted McKay as saying…

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