Your devices can lie to you. This startup is raising millions to detect that.

PFP Cybersecurity aims to answer one big question in cybersecurity — what if your own technology is lying to you?

The Vienna company has developed a sensor and corresponding software that monitors electromagnetic emissions coming from a microchip or device. It analyzes those emissions for any suspicious variations or anomalous readings — and then alerts the user to possible issues. (The PFP stands for “power fingerprinting.”)

It’s now raising $2 million as part of what CEO Steven Chen called a bridge round while the company works on further developing its technology and building out a 12-person team. Another larger funding round will follow, he added.

The company’s mission is to counter malware that embeds itself deep into networks or within hardware and becomes difficult to remove or even detect, given that most traditional cybersecurity products address suspicious activity in software code, not actual devices themselves. Malicious code could come from a bad actor placing malware…

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