New, Dietitian-Endorsed Food Products

Grocery aisles are a lot more crowded these days, with products as simple as water not so simple to buy. (Do you want water-water, coconut water or alkaline water? Which brand? CBD- or vitamin-infused? Sparkling? The list goes on.) But some new products I’m actually pleased to see, mostly because they make healthy eating easier, more delicious or both. Here are the top 11 products I sampled at Natural Products Expo West last month:


This company released a convenient bottled water to minimize plastic trash. The aluminum bottle comes with sustainably sourced water, is 100 percent recyclable and can be refilled up to 100 times.

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Revive Kombucha

Revive released a shelf-stable sparkling kombucha available in 12-ounce cans with 20 calories and 5 grams of sugar each. The product comes in four flavors — mango orange, cherry hibiscus, strawberry lemon and citrus ginger — and helps support digestive and immune health. I found the drink very flavorful (almost soda-like!) and am thankful not to have one more thing that must be refrigerated.

Lotus Foods Rice Ramen Soup Cups

Those late-night college ramen noodle cups got a makeover! These rice-based cups come in a variety of delicious flavors like red miso and masala curry. Lotus Foods also has a variety of heat-and-eat rice bowls. They’re a perfect snack or small meal to eat on the go, especially if you travel on planes often like I do.

Light & Fit Two Good Greek Low-Fat Yogurt

This Greek yogurt contains only 2 grams of sugar per 5.3-ounce cup. It’s made with a slow straining process that removes sugar from the milk. Flavors include blueberry, strawberry, vanilla, peach and mixed berry.

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Justin’s Nut Butter Covered Nuts

Justin’s released this unique snack that covers nuts in a perfect amount of nut butter for a sweet and salty snacking experience. The two varieties include almonds covered in almond butter and cashews covered in cashew butter. Each serving contains 2 to 3 grams of plant protein and the snack is organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher and verified by the Non-GMO Project.

Braniac Whole Milk Yogurt With BrainPack

This kid-friendly yogurt company adds brain-friendly nutrients (DHA, ALA, choline and probiotics) to its yogurt, which comes in drinkable, squeezable and spoon-able forms.


Instead of getting your hands dirty eating spiced nuts, Pizootz infuses its almonds and peanuts with flavors so your snacking experience is much cleaner. Flavors of its almond line include habanero and New York dill pickle, while its peanut line flavors include blazing buffalo and sea salt and vinegar.

Wilde Chips

These chips look and crunch like traditional potato chips, but they’re made with chicken. Flavors include chicken and waffles, barbecue and jalapeno. A serving of 15 chips provides 170 calories, 10 grams of fat, 8 grams of saturated fat, 10 grams of carbs, 1 gram of sugar and 7 grams of protein. Although the saturated fat is on the higher side, consider it an indulgent treat worth giving a whirl.

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World of Chia Fruit Spreads

This line of fruit spreads uses chia seeds in place of pectin, which is traditionally used to thicken jams. You can find the spreads — which are gluten-free, vegan and, in my opinion, tasty — in flavors like strawberry, blackberry and raspberry. The spreads are also heat-stable, so you can bake with them.

Kodiak Cakes Graham Cracker Bear Bites

I already had a crush on this brand’s higher-fiber pancake mix, but now I’m adding its “Bear Bites” — protein-packed graham crackers made with 100-percent whole grains and shaped like bear faces and paws — to my list. They are kid-friendly and dietitian approved.

Brothers Ice Cream BonBons

Ice cream is one of my favorite indulgences, and I was so glad to see ice cream bonbons back in style and repackaged with dark chocolate. This line makes flavors including salted caramel, vanilla and mint. A serving of two of the bite-sized desserts is 110 calories — a perfectly sized and satisfying dessert.

Editor’s note: The author is on the Danone Yogurt Board, but wrote this piece without its knowledge or financial support. She has no affiliations with any of the other brands mentioned.

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