Chinese 5G will be a ‘loaded gun’ of cyber concerns, NSA official says

Though the tech sector has been gearing up for 5G opportunities, it’s the cybersecurity liabilities that Jon Darby has his eye on.

Darby, the director of operations at the National Security Agency, says widespread concern that China will use its influence on the technology for cyber warfare are not unfounded. There have been calls in the U.S. to ban Chinese telecommunications company, Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd., from providing equipment and services to localities setting up the fifth-generate cellular networks.

“It’s not about a smoking gun — it’s about a loaded gun,” he said.

Speaking Thursday at the University of Maryland Cybersecurity Executive Summit, Darby said 5G — which is expected to be essential for connecting everything from artificial intelligence to autonomous vehicles and smart cities technology — could pose a great vulnerability for U.S. networks if a nation-state adversary like China gained industrial control of its networks, especially with the connectivity…

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