NASA admin talks plans for moon and Mars as Trump proposes $21B in budget for space agency

With a version of the Orion capsule on display behind him — a spacecraft that will take a crew of astronauts to the moon and beyond — NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine praised President Donald Trump’s 2020 budget that gives the agency more money than it has seen in recent years.

Trump’s fiscal 2020 budget for the U.S. government was made public Monday, with the president proposing a $4.7 trillion budget plan. For NASA, the budget request is $21 billion — a $283 million, or 1.4 percent, increase from the 2019 estimate.

That amount comes at a pivotal time for NASA, as the agency has lofty goals ahead to build the biggest heavy-lift launch vehicle in human history and build a sustainable lunar module — similar to a space station — called Gateway.

“For the first time in over 10 years, we have money in this budget for a return to the moon with humans, and human rated landers compatible with Gateway to go to the moon,” Bridenstine said during his address on moon and Mars plans…

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