Viewpoint: More female leadership pays off for the community

In today’s competitive marketplace, building a successful business means many things, beyond just making a profit. Today’s leaders must inspire their teams, their investors, their partners and their customers. In many cases, this means a sustained focus on social responsibility. Simply speaking, in the modern marketplace, to do well, you must do good.  

As women continue to claim increased C-suite representation, companies are becoming more profitable and socially responsible. From building ethical supply chains to combating climate change, women-led companies are giving more time, resources and funding to causes that matter. In fact, the average financial contribution to social causes by companies with three or more women directors is 28 times higher than companies without female leadership. Additionally, growth in women-led businesses has outpaced the overall increase of new companies by 1.5 times. It is clear that today’s workforce and consumers want to work for, and patron,…

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