Reported revelation pauses legal fight over JEDI procurement

A federal judge has granted a stay in a legal battle involving the Defense Department, Oracle and Amazon Web Services regarding the blockbuster $10 billion Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud computing contract bid, The Washington Posts reports.

Senior Judge Eric Bruggink of the Court of Federal Claims granted a motion that the Department of Defense filed Feb. 19 to stay the case while the agency weighs whether “possible personal conflicts of interest affected the integrity of the JEDI Cloud procurement.”

The Pentagon, according to the Post, said in January it had looked into whether AWS created a conflict of interest when it hired an agency procurement professional — but new information has caused the DOD to request the stay.

“New information not previously provided to DOD has emerged related to potential conflicts of interest,” Defense Department spokeswoman Elissa Smith said in an email to the Post. “As a result of this new information, DOD is continuing to investigate…

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