Marriott will pay for replacement passports for fraud victims following massive data breach

Marriott International Inc. (NASDAQ: MAR) says it will pay for passport replacements if it finds customers have fallen victim to fraud in relation to a massive data breach, according to reports.

The Bethesda hospitality giant announced Friday a breach compromised the data of hundreds of millions of customers in its Starwood reservation system.

The decision to pay for passport replacements comes days after Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., urged Marriott to reach out to the customers at greatest risk and foot the $110 passport replacement charge.

Government officials have said the theft of passport numbers used in connection with other stolen personal data could open people to identity theft and also pose a threat to national security. The data is not sufficient enough to create fake passports, however.

“We are setting up a process to work with our guests who believe that they have experienced fraud as a result of their passports being involved in this incident,” Marriott…

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