C-Suite Awards: Jim Knight

In 1990, Jim Knight became a professional baseball player for the Pittsburgh Pirates, participating in batting practice as an outfielder alongside Barry Bonds and Bobby Bonilla. But the North Carolina native’s career didn’t last long — he was cut by the Pirates after spring training that year.

“They said, ‘Go get a real job,’” he said.

So Knight returned to his hometown, where he became a baseball coach at University of North Carolina-Greensboro and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. He eventually left coaching after having a “traditional burnout experience.”

“As much as I loved it, it was full-time like I had never known before and really didn’t leave enough time for me to really engage in a growing faith life,” Knight said.

That’s when a local pastor suggested he participate in a volunteer year with Jubilee Housing, a nonprofit founded in 1973 by the Church of the Saviour in D.C. to address substandard housing in the District. 

That internship…

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