Want a job at Amazon? Here’s how to get one.

Early in Amazon.com Inc.’s rise from upstart online bookseller to trillion-dollar corporate leviathan, founder Jeff Bezos sketched out his company’s five core values. One read: “High bar for talent.”

Bezos, as recounted by author Brad Stone in his book, “The Everything Store,” would constantly focus on attracting and retaining people who fit the Amazon mold as the company grew and branched into new business lines. He borrowed recruiting practices from software giant and Seattle neighbor Microsoft Corp., for example.

That included appointing “bar raisers” who participate in every step of the interview process and have the power to veto a job candidate. The idea, Stone recounts, is that the bar raiser helps safeguard a consistent hiring standard and keeps the company from comprising those standards to fill a seat or falling prey to groupthink.

It’s an approach that’s idiosyncratic, perhaps, but then again so is Amazon’s culture.

“The process itself is really one…

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