Viewpoint: Living and dreaming in Bezos’ backyard

For me, the story of Amazon HQ2 is both a professional and personal one.

As many readers know, I own a house in Crystal City. My little 1907 bungalow is about a five-minute walk from Amazon’s new headquarters.

(Hold on, please indulge me for a second. I’d like to hear that again.)

I own a house five minutes from Amazon’s new headquarters.

Boy, I like the way that sounds. The biggest economic prize in recent years — of all time? — and I’m right at ground zero. I can wave at Jeff Bezos as his helicopter flies by while I’m barbecuing in the backyard! I can get a new millennial hipster tech nerd roommate!

As exciting as it is, this whole competition thing sure tested my patience from day 1.

Two weeks after the HQ2 search was launched, my partner and I vacationed in Seattle for the first time. I stood at the top of the Space Needle marveling at the forest of cranes in the South Lake Union neighborhood (I admit it: When I visit other cities, I like to count cranes). I took…

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