Viewpoint: How does Crystal City rate on the 3 most important factors for HQ2 and our region?

Many signs are pointing to Crystal City as Amazon’s choice for its second headquarters. If so, there are key advantages that the company and our region will gain from this location, but also big challenges ahead for our elected leaders.

Will they be able to come together with the funding and policies necessary to ensure we have enough affordable housing, an improved transit network and investment in all levels of our workforce?

Amazon has already indicated in its HQ2 solicitation that access to good transit and an urban environment are important. Crystal City, like a few but not all of the D.C.-area sites, fits the bill with:

Walking distance to Metrorail and good connections to an extensive network of other transit, including high-frequency bus service, commuter rail and Amtrak.
An urban, mixed-use, walkable environment attractive to both the next generation workforce and an increasing number of older workers as well.
Lower combined costs of housing and transportation (see Center…

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