Initiative 77 backers face challenge in court

The D.C. Board of Elections tabled a measure Tuesday that would have approved language for a proposed referendum to keep the city from overturning Initiative 77, the controversial measure that would eliminate tipped wages.

The decision came after the board received notice that Valerie Graham, a D.C. resident and tipped worker who opposes the initiative, filed suit Monday challenging the board’s process and the language to be used in the referendum. Monday was the deadline to file comments or challenge the language in the measure, dubbed Referendum 8.

The board’s general counsel is in the process of preparing its response to the suit as well as a motion to shorten the time that the court will consider the case, D.C. Board of Elections Public Information Officer Rachel Coll said.

The timing is relevant because proponents of Initiative 77 have only 30 days — that’s 30 working days when Congress is in session — from the time the bill is transmitted to Congress to file their signatures…

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