Amazon pursuing helipad for its Arlington headquarters

Oh, the neighbors are going to love this: Amazon.com Inc. (NYSE: AMZN) wants a helipad as part of its headquarters in Arlington County.

As part of the big deal unveiled Tuesday, Virginia agreed to “provide assistance” to Amazon in obtaining approvals necessary for the development, construction and operation of a helipad at HQ2. Amazon would cover all the project’s expenses.

It’s not exactly clear where Amazon wants to construct its helipad, but the retailing giant is buying two major development sites in the rebranded National Landing district — PenPlace and Metropolitan Park — where it’s likely to house its central offices. That’s a good bet for the billionaire parking spot… err… helipad.

But Pentagon City area falls well within a flight restriction zone encompassing all airspace up to 18,000 feet and 15 nautical miles of nearby Reagan National Airport and around the District. That’s just restricted airspace, however, and pilots are allowed within the zone…

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