The exec makes how much? Here are the highest CEO-employee pay ratios in the D.C. area.

Part of being a public company is having to disclose how much money your CEO makes, every year. But having to show us how much rank-and-file employees make in comparison? Well, that’s new.

A full eight years ago, the Dodd-Frank Act was passed in response to the 2008 financial crisis, issuing forth a new array of regulations and oversight, including which financial information public companies must report to the Securities and Exchange Commission. This year, one of those rules is finally coming to light: the CEO-to-employee pay ratio. After years of backlash, revisions and delays, we are now seeing annual proxy reports that include the ratio and estimated median employee pay for each publicly traded company.

Keep in mind, a CEO’s pay can vary dramatically year to year. Perhaps she or he received a big batch of stock options that year, particularly if it was her or his first year on the job. Perhaps a healthy bonus was offered in a year that included a major acquisition deal or expansion.


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