IBM taking cybersecurity on the road in a sleek tractor-trailer. One of its first stops: the National Mall.

IBM Security’s newly unveiled mobile security operations center — housed in a sleek, black tractor-trailer — will hit the road this week, and one of its first stops will be the National Mall for a visit with Capitol Hill staffers.

The X-Force Command Cyber Tactical Operations Center, or C-TOC, was built to provide on-demand cybersecurity support, run incidence response drills with IBM (NYSE: IBM) clients, and build cybersecurity awareness with professionals, students and consumers, according to a release. It was modeled after tactical operations centers used by first responders.

IBM Security, per the release, identified cybersecurity incident response and preparedness as an “underserved segment of the $114 billion cybersecurity market.” The company has invested $200 million in response facilities since 2016, and taken some 2,000 people through training at its facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

This C-TOC features a cybersecurity “watch floor,” data center and conference…

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