Hungry Harvest expands affordable produce concept to D.C., eyes other markets

A Baltimore-based startup that delivers boxes full of fruits and vegetables to people’s homes is also aiming to help fight hunger in communities affected by food insecurity. Hungry Harvest has distributed about 200,000 pounds of healthy food to in-need residents through affordable produce markets in the Baltimore area, and is now expanding the concept to D.C.

Hungry Harvest’s Produce in a SNAP program started in September 2016. CEO Evan Lutz said his company launched the program in an effort to serve the one in four Baltimore residents who are living in food insecurity, or lack access to healthy food and aren’t being well served by traditional hunger solutions. Hungry Harvest partners with schools, churches, community centers, colleges and hospitals to host community produce markets.

At the markets, community members can purchase discounted bags full of leftover produce from Hungry Harvest’s sales, and can pay in cash, credit or with SNAP benefits from the federal Supplemental Nutrition…

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