Have a look at the top-paying jobs in Greater Washington

If you are interested in a career that pays a lot more, it would be best to jump in your time machine and go back 10 or more years so you could train to become a doctor or a dentist.

Medical-related professions dominate the list of the top 25 best-paying jobs in Greater Washington, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ annual mean wage data for 2017, which came out this year. While the annual mean wage for all workers in the region came in at $69,210, doctors of all stripes made double or triple that amount. The top job: orthodontists, because those braces don’t pay for themselves, making $253,140 per year, according to the BLS.

We have gathered the top 25 jobs in the region by annual salary in the slideshow above.

The worst-paying jobs include “amusement and recreation attendants” with a $21,220 annual salary, shampooers with $22,300 and fast-food cooks with $23,020.

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