Face in the Crowd: Millennial connections run deep, too. Just not the way you think.

Editor’s note: Emily Van Zandt, recently promoted to special projects editor, takes over our Back Page column, now named Face in the Crowd, this week. Her column about networking and doing business in Greater Washington will appear regularly.

Hello, my name is Emily and I am a millennial.

At least, the Pew Research Center tells me so. And, really, who am I to argue with Pew?

It’s a source of contention for those of us born in the mid-’80s. We want to correct the stereotype that we grew up with noses buried in Facebook. That we’re the generation of participation trophies, a fear of phone calls and unusual desire for avocado toast.

After all, I contended with a landline. I anguished over dial-up internet. (AOL! T9 texting! Napster!) This kind of generalizing just won’t stand.

Except when it does. I rarely leave voicemails and even more rarely listen to them. My iPhone — and, therefore, my work email — is glued to my hand for unhealthy lengths of time. And is there really a conversation…

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