Check out the highest-paid association CEOs in Greater Washington

It’s probably true that there’s an association for everything somewhere in Greater Washington. But only some of them are handing out the biggest CEO paychecks in the region.

The 25 highest-paid association CEOs in this gallery made a combined $85.7 million, and represent associations for everything from banking to pharmaceuticals to energy, among other industries. Some got an extra boost because they were departing or retiring at the time the latest 990 tax form was filed, which is where we get this salary information. Most are for 2017, some haven’t filed since 2016.

Most associations fall under the 501(c)(6) nonprofit classification with the IRS, which includes business leagues, chambers of commerce, real estate boards, boards of trade and professional football leagues.

Take a look for yourself to see who got the most money for leading a locally based association in Greater D.C.

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