What to expect at Monday’s hearing on the tipped wage initiative

The fight over raising the minimum wage for D.C. servers and bartenders moves to a new battleground Monday as the D.C. Council hears from the public on whether to repeal Initiative 77, which voters approved in June. 

The initiative would eliminate the tip credit for tipped workers, meaning restaurants would have to pay front-of-the-house employees the full minimum wage, or $15 an hour, by 2026. Currently they must pay servers $3.89 per hour but ensure they make at least the full minimum wage including tips. 

Initiative 77 passed with 56 percent of the vote in the June primary election, but D.C. Council members began looking at ways to undo the measure soon after. Chairman Phil Mendelson introduced a bill with six co-sponsors in June to repeal the initiative.

Monday’s 11 a.m. public hearing will be long, with nearly 250 individuals signed up to speak. Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington is mobilizing tipped workers who oppose the measure to testify, and the One Fair Wage…

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